DT Stone supply a range of stone floor and wall tile cleaners. The products are suitable for cleaning all natural stones, whether internal or external and we thoroughly recommend keeping your flooring clean to increase both durability and aesthetic qualities of the stone.


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EASY Algae Remover


Removes Algae, Mould and light infestations of Lichen.

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EASY Black Spot Remover


Removes stubborn areas of Lichen and Algae (Black Spot) from paving and driveways.

Lithofin Algex


Special Cleaner for Outdoor Areas
Removes common dirt and green deposits left by plants from terraces, steps, paths, walls, etc.

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Lithofin WAX-OFF


Rmoves layers of wax, sealants, tar, oil stains, lacquer & glue.

Lithofin Wexa

Lithofin WEXA


Dissolves and removes grease and oil deposits.