DT Stone has a large selection of natural stone floor and wall tiles in Limestone and Travertine, for use in any room of your home. Creating classic, traditional and contemporary interiors with an individual and long lasting style. An investment that will last a lifetime.


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Limestone tiles

Natural limestone tiles
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Travertine tiles

Natural Travertine tiles
Wall & floor


Mosaic Tiles

Natural stone mosaics

Natural stone finishes

Antiqued & unfilled

Travertine floor tiles are characterised by surface pits and holes. These are not filled and the stone is tumbled to create an authentic antique appearance.


A naturally cleft or riven face is simply achieved by splitting blocks of stone. This term usually relates to slate or sandstone and is designed to give a rustic appearance.

Honed & filled

Travertine floor tiles are characterised by surface pits and holes, These are pre-filled at source by a stone resin which is as similar as possible to the colour of the stone. The stone is then run through a machine to give a smooth and non-reflective finish, which helps to highlight the natural markings.


By circular brushing motions, a stunning rustic look is created giving a slight surface texture with a satin matt, aged finish.


The stones are tumbled in large drums with pebbles which creates an authentic antiqued appearance to the surfaces and edges.

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Ionian Antiqued Travertine TileOut of stock

Ionian Antiqued Travertine Tile

£49.50 / m2

Ionian Antiqued Travertine Floor Tile is a premium product with pale, subtle cream and beige colours.

Ionian H & FOut of stock

Ionian Honed & Filled Travertine Tile

£52.02 / m2

Ionian Honed & Filled Travertine Floor Tiles are a premium product with pale, subtle cream and beige colours running throughout to give a warm feel to your home.

Out of stock

Tregorney Antiqued Limestone Tiles

£70.80 / m2

Subtle veining and light fossilisation within the stone, gives an exceptional look to this premium quality limestone.