Travertine floor tiles are timeless, having been used for centuries. This natural stone can be used on floors and walls in any room in your home. Travertine's naturally occurring pits and voids on its surface give each piece a unique and rustic appearance. When left unfilled it's a perfect choice for use in traditional or country homes. Alternatively, tiles are available with the surfaces filled and honed, providing a sleeker and more contemporary look for a modern setting.


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Ionian Antiqued Travertine TileOut of stock

Ionian Antiqued Travertine Tile

£49.50 / m2

Ionian Antiqued Travertine Floor Tile is a premium product with pale, subtle cream and beige colours.

Ionian H & FOut of stock

Ionian Honed & Filled Travertine Tile

£52.02 / m2

Ionian Honed & Filled Travertine Floor Tiles are a premium product with pale, subtle cream and beige colours running throughout to give a warm feel to your home.